The IP Image of National Game – Anipop Club Launches in Beijing

Happy Elements 2017-02-10

"Welcome to the Anipop Club. No matter who you are, you can be your true self here and find the happiness that exclusively belongs to you". On February 9, 2017, Happy Elements, the leading interactive entertainment company in Asia, held an IP Image Launch event at in88 Beijing Wangfujing Yintai Mall to grandly introduce the IP image of the Anipop Club, putting into practice the new concept of interactive entertainment. Meanwhile, the launch event also unveiled the Anipop National Pop-Up Store Tour. With joint actions in Beijing and Sapporo (Japan), the event will present the six lovely members of the Anipop Club and their stories of friendship to an Asian audience, bringing an all-new interactive experience through diversified forms including doll interaction, interactive games, snow festivals and snow sculptures, situational exhibitions, cafe experiences, and offline experience stores.


Enjoy a Colorful Experience with the Anipop Club

The Anipop Club consists of six small creatures which have different characteristics and hobbies. The jovial and cheerful Lemon Remon, the smiling and adorable Coffee Lot, the humorous and handsome Green Idol, the beautiful and courageous Rosy Mona, the Tarot-expert Purple Amy, and the pure and cool Blue Dudu meet in the Anipop Club café. They accommodate and accompany one another and make their everyday lives more colorful with mutual support. "The world of the Anipop Club is a wonderful world of companionship among little friends," said Ms. Lai Jiaman, Vice-President of Happy Elements and head of the Anipop Club, "From their images in the Anipop Club, they are cute and lovely. Sentimentally, they are caring and accommodating. Because of their company, we can always feel warmth and happiness no matter where we are. They have propped up a world of comfort and color in our life. This is the social networking DNA of the Anipop Club. They accompany us like friends."


Interact Between Beijing and Sapporo Over the Air

Although the Anipop Club originated in Beijing, its influence has spread all over the world. The IP image of the Anipop Club debuted simultaneously in Beijing and Sapporo, with joint actions on both sides. Wherever they go, members of the Anipop Club identify themselves with local urban cultures and use the unique language of the small creatures to communicate and interact so that every participant, regardless of their country or age, can feel the warmth and happiness of the Anipop Club.


At its headquarters in Beijing, the Anipop Club offline experience store is already open for business in in88 Wangfujing Yintai Mall and will remain open until March 20. This also kicked off the Anipop National Pop-Up Store Tour. In addition to a series of adorable Anipop Club clothing, the experience store also prepared a large themed image wall for visitors to take photos in front of. The static exhibition experience area with a Coffee Lot theme and full-size Anipop Club member images is an ideal place for visitors to take cool photos The nearby large interactive game screen took Happy Elements' latest leisure game Seashore Anipop offline and gave old fans who haven’t tried out the new game a chance to see what is new.


Meanwhile, across the sea in Japan’s Hokkaido, the Anipop Club also participated in the world-renowned Sapporo Snow Festival, known as the Grand Ice and Snow Gathering. The eight-meter long, four-meter high giant snow sculpture at the center of the Sapporo venue and the Anipop Club offline experience coffee shop became the centers of attention, attracting visitors from around the world to stop and take pictures. At the Anipop Club launch event, Happy Elements also played videos on the six club members' tour of Sapporo, which gained the audience’s affection and laughter. To facilitate appreciation of the wonderful snow sculpture scenes from fans in China, Happy Elements also held an Anipop offline fan meeting in in88 Beijing Wangfujing Yintai Mall, where it broadcast the Sapporo Snow Festival and fostered real time interaction between fans in China and Japanese players and fans, truly fostering happiness without borders.  


IP Planning Does Not Stop Here

Happy Elements is committed to "Make the World Happy". The latest IP image release is an all-new attempt for Happy Elements to put interactive entertainment into practice and bring a more diversified joy experience to players and the public. Happy Elements Vice-President Ms. Lai Jiaman remarked, "The Anipop Club is the first Anipop IP image launched by us. We hope that these virtual images can come out of games and two dimensions. We want the Anipop Club members to become true-to-life 3D characters with distinctive personalities that are full of stories, so that they can establish more in-depth sentimental linkage with people in real life and convey warmth and positive energy. In the future, we will also explore and extend the connotations of this IP, produce short animation videos and lifestyle products, and let the small creatures of the Anipop Club grow with the audience and share their joys and troubles."